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Amcotec Dama Win Series CNC Machine


Winner series cutting machine which is a triangulated gantry frame combined with a high performance numerical controller and AC servo system that was provided a reliable, high-performance oxy-fuel cutting

Module design, low maintenance cost

The transverse guide is hardened roll bar, durable and easy cleans.

300mm width transverse guide, stability and precision with torch suspension units

Transverse energy feed chains, giving efficient transportation of hoses and cables

Automatic two stage cutting oxygen control for piercing.

Gas control consol near the operation panel ,providing a convenient operation

Full size oil gear box for longitudinal feed , precision and durable

Powerful & ease to use Windows-XP PC based CNC

LCD touch screen and full color high-resolution graphic display.

50 preprogram and choice of CAD/CAM to suit all applications.

Multiple input for parts program loading, 1.25 inch floppy disk, USB interface and RS-232 interface.

Can direct read CAD’ S dxf file or dwg file to do cut

Multiple choice for cut loss go-back, easy operation.


Machine Type Win-2500 WIn3100
Effective cutting width(A) 2500mm 3100mm
Effective cutting length 7000mm + Xmm
Rail Length 9000mm + Xmm
Rail span(B) 3500mm 4100mm
Longitudinal drive method Single AC servo motor/rack/rails
Transeverse drive method AC servo Motor/rack & steel band
Cutting Speed 1-3000mm/min
Positioning Speed 7500mm/min
Cutting Capacity ( thickness ) 1 torch 300mm, 2 torches 150mm, 4 torches 75mm
Hole piercing 200mm (MAX)
Gas supply Oxygen and Acetylene or LPG
Power supply 1 phase, 220V, 50/60Hz, 3.3KVA
PC Based NC controller: BURNY 10 plus SHAPE-CUTTING CONTROL
.Industrial Grade 15〞Touch Screen and Windows XP-based operation system.
.With Cycle Start, Cycle Stop, Go To, Reverse Industrial Grade Memb rane panel controls.
.256MB SRAM, 20 GB hard drive, 1.44MB floppy drive and USB interface.
.50 pre-programmed commonly used standard shapes.
.Accepts either ESSI or EIA RS274-D programming formats.
1. Extensions of rail and rack (X) per 3000mm/unit.
2. Oxygen, fuel gas individually controls.
3. Water spray.
4. Height sensor (capacitive).
5. Electrical ignition unit.