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DMD Drilling Machine Series

Feature of the Drilling Machine

· With interactive command and color display, easy learn and easy operation

· With linear, matrix and flange drill pattern. It would not need the G, M code program.

· With simulation function, it also can indicate which hole will be drilled by moving coarser.

· It is possible to read the DXF file and display the hole pattern as well as outward of plate on screen.

· DAMA’S drill machine is a strong cantilever structure, that correspond to humane engineering designed, to allow compact and easy operation

· The machine’s X,Y axes, were equipped ball screw , AC servo motor and linear guide, providing accurate positioning.

· The machine, CNC controller, hydraulic power system that is integrated design, to allow easy installing

· The alignment and hydraulic fixture of plate which are two in one designed, the plate load, unload, clamp quickly and convenience

· The machine with two work area on the table, while one side of table is working another side of table allow user to load or unload plate. Thus, the machine there is no idle time and twice the amount of drilling.

· With avoid spraying designed to save cooling water and keep the where environment clean.

· The spindle unit with automatic initial high for drilling: The spindle unit is provided with a sensitive self-controlled speed change function for rapid reach to plate then change to preset speed for drills. The user does not need consider the tool length and set automatic broken chip during drilling to enhance efficiency.

· The spindle rpm is provided with an inverter controlled and by knob adjusted also the number of rpm is displayed on LCD.

· Program hold can be active in any time while the tool dull, after replace tool, easy return and restart.

· With center drilling function, easy check the hope pitch of plate

· The machine is provided with Auto-Off function. This function is suit a large plate and that there is a lot of hole to be drilled on night work.

· It’s also can option the chip conveys, for chip collect and clean.