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Mig 300Y

Product Speciality

1/ Small and light: with mid frequency transformer which is much smaller – weighing 1/5 to 1/10 while only 1/3 as big – than traditional welding power sources

2/ Efficient and energy saving: inverter welders reduce wasted power by using less copper and steel saving at least 1/3 power consumption while maintaining 80-85% efficiency with a power factor as high as 0.93.

3/  Having step-less adjustment for welding current and voltage. Different requirements for different welding techniques will be reached.

4/  Stable welding with small spatter and outstanding welding performance.

5/  With auto-compensation against power fluctuation function.

6/ Design integrated: welding anywhere and anytime, easy to operate.



Model MIG300Y
Input Voltage (V) AC 415 +/- 15%
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Rated Input Current (A) 16.7
Output Current Range (A) 50-300
Output Voltage Range (V) 16.5-29
Duty Cycle (%) 60%
Wire-feeding Speed (m/min) 2.5-13
Wire Diameter 0.8/1.0
Insulation Grade F
Housing Protection Grade IP 21
Output Cable (mm2) 35+
Net Weight (kg) 35
Dimension (mm) 655x300x665