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Dama Power High Speed CNC Flame & Plasma Cutting Machine

1. Gantry design for heavy duty: Ensuring, both precision and reliability.
2. Two full sized saddles, running on longitudinal guide rails: Giving high precision and durability.
3. Equipped with high performance AC servo drive system: Positioning and contouring speeds up to 18 mm/min.
4. The transverse guide is hardened roll bar, durable and easy cleans.
5. 300mm width transverse guide, stability and precision even with heavy torch suspension units.
6. Transverse energy feed chains: Giving efficient transportation of hoses and cables.
7. Gas control consol near the operation panel : Providing a convenient operation.
8. Plasma torch arc- voltage (AVC) height sensing system, with precise initial height torch setting , with integrated torch
collision protection and automatic torch centering.
9. Powerful & ease to use Windows -XP PC based CNC.
10. LCD touch screen and full color high -resolution graphic display.
11. 50 preprogram and choice of CAD/CAM to suit all applications.
12. Multiple input for parts program loading, 1.25 inch floppy disk, USB and RS -232 /RS422 interface.
13. Can direct read CAD’S DXF or DWG file to do cut.
14. Multiple choice for cut loss go -back, easy operation.