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Dama win + series professional CNC plasma & flame cutting machine

1. Compact gantry design for medium duty and with linear guide for the transverse guide (250 mm width) giving high precision and durabillity.
2. Equipped with high performance AC servo drive system. Positioning speeds up to 15 M/min.
3. Transverse energy feed chains; Giving efficient transoirtation off hoses and cables.
4. SmartHC height sensing system to easy setting for palsma height control.
5. With servo motor & ball screw plasma torch lifter.
6. Plasma torch break away with magnetism conllision protection and auto centering.
7. Bumy Dagger NC PC based CNC with Windows-XPe, ease to use.
8. LCD screen and full color hight-resolition graphic display.
9. 50 preprogram and choice of CAD/CAM to suit all applications.
10. Multiple input for parts program loading, USB and RS-232 /RS422 interface.
11. Can direct read CAD’s DXF file to do cut.
12. Multiple choice for cut loss go-back, easy operation.