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PRO-5PB Portable Pipe Beveller

PRO 5 PB is a handy, portable pipe beveling machine suitable for milling edges of pipes made of carbon and stainless steels, aluminum alloys and copper-nickels.

It can be used efficiently by a single operator. Self-centering expandable mandrels provide quick and proper alignment to a pipe or a tube prior to machining operations.

Depending on the tool bits in use PRO 5 PB can perform external beveling, J-beveling, internal calibration and facing pipes from inside diameters of 32 mm (1.26’’) to outside diameters of 114 mm (4.49’’) or up to 140mm (5.51”) as option. All these weld prep operations are made fast and easy. Up to three tool bits can be mounted and work, simultaneously.


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